October 23

3:30 PM – Utah Humanities Book Fair/ Salt Lake City Public Library (Learn More)

October 28

A Secret Gift Published, Penguin Press

November 2

Noon – The Athenaeum, Boston (Learn More)

November 4

9:50 AM – Western Reserve Academy, Chapel Talk, Hudson, Ohio
7:00 PM – Maltz Museum of Jewish History, Cleveland, Ohio (Learn More)

November 5

5:00—6:30 PM – Palace Theater, Canton, Ohio- Gathering of Letter-Writer Descendants (Learn More)

7:00 PM – Banquet for fifty of the descendants, Benders Restaurant (Learn More)

November 9

3:30—5:00 PM – Smithsonian National Museum of American History, Washington DC (Learn More)

5:30—8:30 PM – National Press Club Book Fair, Washington DC
Ballroom, National Press Club (Learn More)

November 10

7:30 PM – Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh (PA)
South Hills Branch; The Social Hall (Learn More)

November 11

7:00 PM – The Nonantum, Ocean Avenue, Kennebunkport, ME
Host: Kennebooks Book Store (Learn More)

November 16

6:30—8:30 PM – The Liberty Hotel, Ebersol Suite, Boston, MA
Host: Blackstones & Community Servings

November 17

6:30 PM – The Strand Bookstore, The Underground, NYC
828 Broadway at 12th Street, 212-473-1452 (Learn More)

November 18

7:00 PM – Andover Bookstore, Andover, MA
89 Rear Main Street (Learn More)

November 20 & 21

Miami Book Fair International (Learn More)

November 30

Barnes & Noble, Emerson Bookstore, Boston (Learn More)

December 5

2:00 PM – Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Library: Henry Wallace Auditorium (Learn More)

December 8

10:00 AM – Newton (MA) Jewish Community Center

December 17

Noon – Cleveland City Club, Cleveland, OH (Learn More)

7:00PM – Cleveland Suburban Temple

December 18

77th Anniversary of B. Virdot Ad Offering the Gift

March 23

Noon – US Archives, Washington DC

April 13

7:00 PM - Temple Beth-El, Providence, RI

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12 Responses to “Events”

  1. Rima Berzin says:

    Ted, this is such an exciting story and I have been waiting to read your wonderful book. This site is TERRIFIC. Congratulations on your most recent “baby”. May it be a great success. Kudos!!

  2. Larry Rivkin says:

    Just finishing this wonderfully written story. Inspiring and uplifting, a terrific reminder of the strength of the human spirit and the importance of family, friends, and community.
    Hope to meet you at signing/speaking event in Chicago area.
    Thanks for the most enjoyable reading experience

  3. Jim keogh-Deloris' husband says:

    Hi Ted:

    Deloris and I had a great time with you.

    Been telling LOIS of people to get the book and they will be a changed person after reading it.
    If your not considering it already,you need to think about turning the book into a movie.
    Thanks for you effort and the GREAT STORY.

    Jim & Deloris Keogh

  4. Libby Kessman says:

    I couldn’t put your book down! What a story…your grandfather was an amazing man in the sense that he transformed his horrible pinched upbringing to become a successful, compassionate man able to empathize and give to others. That is the true miracle and gift.

  5. Tory in Georgia says:

    What is most poignant to me is that Mr. “Virdot” was a Jew in America in an age when saying “Merry Christmas” was not considered the kiss of death and politically incorrect. Irving Berlin wrote one of our most cherished Christmas songs, ‘White Christmas.’ Even more, both liked the idea of Christmas because they understood its spirit which is obvious by Mr. “Virdot’s” generosity. I hope this translates to the people at the events you attend. Christmas in a season of the heart which encompasses the birth of Christ, Hannuka and Kwanza. People understood that back then.

  6. Elizabeth Clark says:

    Hello, We talked briefly two years ago. My grandmother was Mryna Jury and a letter from her was found in your grandfather’s suitecase. You read her letter to me and I have thought about it so often. Thanks for bringing this story back to us. So many events like this are lost and we need to be reminded of the good deeds people do, and the suffering that others live with when their children are cold and hungry. Regards Liz Clark (Sydell Jury)

  7. Jim's daughter says:

    Looking forward to giving this book to my father on his 85th birthday next week. Not only did he grow up in Canton, OH but his birthday is on December 17th, which was mentioned on the first page of the book. A wonderful coincidence. Glad to receive it in large print in time for his birthday.

    Many thanks.

  8. Thank you, Ted for such a wonderful story and interesting history of Rumanian immigrants. My grandfather was from Rumania and I found out recently, was originally sent to Pittsburgh, where he met my Grandmother from Hungary. They were married there and moved to New York City where their second child was born, my father, and later moved to New Jersey. Our family was raised Catholic, but now I am curious as to whether that had something to do with my Grandmother’s refusal to let anyone of her children to speak anything but English in the home and never ask about the “old Country”. She forbid my grandfather to sponser any of his family to come over and he had very little contact with the few siblings that were here, at her insistence. (this my mother shared with us, her children, so we would never ask)
    Now, the curiosity juices are flowing and I am wanting to research where my grandfather really came from. Could he be from the same area as Sam Stone’s father? Hmmm, I need to know. We may be Jewish descendants, after all… I am sharing you book with all my family and hope to have you sign it someday. Thank you and you mother for sharing.

  9. צימרים says:

    thanks 4 this post really good info

  10. Ron Kibbe says:

    What a powerful story, I could not put the book down. I look forward to visiting Canton the next time I make it up to the area to visit family and friends. We may never know how our actions impact others so it only makes sense to me that we try to approach as many situations as possible with kindnees and compassion. Thank you for sharing your grandparent’s secret.

  11. Kathie Thompson says:

    Hello Mr. Gup,
    I just finished your book this afternoon. I have been telling everyone I know about it. While reading, I thought it would be so nice if it could be a “book in common” for California State University, Chico (where I am a grad student in education to teach reading) and also for our entire community of Chico, CA. It is a great way to link the current generations, economic times, the Greatest Generation, and a study of the Depression. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into writing about your wonderful grandfather! You are a very kind man…it shows in your eyes.

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